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Hello. Mariana here.

I'm curious about human connection. It's the most important thing in life, what we most crave, where we find our highest joys, and also the source of our deepest pains. 

I care about inner peace, happiness, creativity and community.

I value freedom, expression, and badassery.

I've recently started thinking about identity.

I admire people who do the work to know themselves and also the ones who only give shits about the important things (one is usually a necessary condition for the other).  

For fun, I read, play in the sun, take (and actually complete) MOOCs, listen to podcasts, scuba dive, travel, and make lotion with my dad.

I'm a founder of LeadWise and previously Design Thinking Miami. For the rest of my professional history, check out my LinkedIn.

To get in touch, send me a message here

I hope you enjoy your time here.



Image by Damon Davison