A resume of failures

So. A lot of change is happening in my life. Tomorrow I’ll be taking off for a month in Taiwan, and after I return, I’ll be leaving the second company I co-founded, LeadWise.

This means I’ll be looking for my next thing - and I might need to update my resume (it’ls been a few years).

But before I do, inspired by Johannes Haushofer’s CV of Failures, I decided to put together a short list of my educational and professional failures.

As with Haushofer’s list, this is from memory so I’m sure there are more failures.


  • 1996: Didn’t get into advanced math and English in Middle School

  • 1998: Lost election for President of National Junior Honor Society

  • 1998-2000: Never placed first in a karate tournament

  • 1999-2002: Never got a speaking part in a school play

  • 2000: Didn’t make varsity dance team

  • 2002: Passed over for dance team captain 

  • 2002: Didn’t get accepted into Georgetown University

  • 2004: Went through sorority rush and didn’t get a bid

  • 2005: Didn’t make University of Miami’s President’s 100

  • 2005: Didn’t get into a Harvard summer research program

  • 2006: Lost election for Student Government Vice President

  • 2009: Sent CEO of UBS a presentation with the word shit (instead of shift) in it

  • 2013-Present: Have made a total of less than $500 from my writing

  • 2013-Present: Not able to establish consistent writing habit

  • 2014: Not chosen to speak at TEDx Coconut Grove

  • 2014: Didn’t get into New Leaders Council

  • 2015: Pretty much quit practicing yoga after completing yoga teacher training

  • 2015: Failed to recruit 100 companies to LaunchCode within a 3-month deadline

  • 2015: Resigned from LaunchCode after 7 months

  • 2015: Design Thinking Miami was not awarded a Knight Foundation grant

  • 2016: Didn’t get into Radical Partners’ Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

  • 2017: Closed first company I co-founded, Design Thinking Miami, after 2.5 years of financial struggle

  • 2017: 2nd cohort of Design for Miami cancelled due to low registration

  • 2017: Leaving the 2nd company I co-founded, LeadWise after it merges with another company